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Heaven on earth? Welcome to Greece, where the sun enlightens the soul and the colors play with your mind!

Slide SARONIC GULF / Peloponnese AEGEAN SEA Ionian Sea dodecanese Sailing Locations Greece is a country of beautiful contradictions, a constant journey in time, from the present to the past and back again. Walk through archaeological sites and explore the breathtaking scenery. Foremost, Greece is an ideal place for yachting; even the small islets are secrets to paradise. SARONIC GULF / Peloponnese AEGEAN SEA Ionian Sea dodecanese

Saronic Gulf Islands

The Saronic Gulf Islands dot the waters nearest Athens and offer a fast track to Greek island life.

Τhey are known for their natural beauty, sandy beaches, the totally unspoiled and friendly small ports and peaceful anchorages. Long stretches of sandy beaches, fragrant pine forest, and rocky capes against a backdrop of brilliant sunshine and crystal blue water provide an infinite variety of scenic beauty.

Aegean Sea

The Cyclades, the enchanting island group in the Aegean Sea, which took its name from the nymph which turned into rocks Neptune, according to mythology.

Gorgeous sandy beaches, unique sea colour, architecture in white and blue, traditional lifestyle, folk music, warm, hospitable people and barren landscapes with isolated chapels turn a trip to the Cyclades into a lifetime experience. Famous islands like Mykonos, Paros, Ios & Santorini are around the corner!


Ionian Sea

The Ionian Islands have a selection of beautiful islands, which are very different from those of the Aegean.

Greener, mellower and overall differently colored, with paler, sweeter pastel shades. With their superb beaches, excellent marinas and safe harbours, yachting enthusiasts will have the experience of a lifetime. It is the ideal yachting destination.


A cluster of twelve islands in the southeastern edge of the Aegean, jewels of all sizes decorating the big blue sea.

The Dodecanese form a bridge between Europe and the East and everywhere you’ll see traces of peoples and cultures that made their mark over the centuries: Ionians, Romans, Byzantines, Venetians, Ottomans and Italians. Each island has a character all its own and all offer a plethora of opportunities for relaxation, sightseeing, adventures and gastronomical pleasure – with a backdrop of stunningly beautiful beaches.

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