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With the Greek government leading the way in limiting the spread of this tragic virus, it has put Adamas Yachting in a great position to offer guests a safe sailing holiday for the 2021 season. We are working hard to revise and create new polices and measures to ensure you are receiving the best quality safety procedures, advice and service. Adamas Yachting is focused on keeping up to date with the latest Greek authority regulations, as well as, WHO, CDC, RYA and UK government policies. Please be aware that this page may be updated and changed at any time to comply with current government advice and regulations. We strive to make your holiday as stress free as possible. The following information is intended to inform you of what is required and recommended of the guests, skipper and crew due to Covid-19 while on holiday in Greece.


  • All staff members will be temperature and pulse checked every day before starting work
  • All staff will strictly adhere to social distancing rules (1.5 meters apart by law)
  • All staff will wear the appropriate PPE when in contact with guests and other staff members
  • Strict handwashing and sanitation procedures have been implemented around the workplace
  • Our breakdown rib and team have been issued with the relevant PPE to be able to deal with a suspected case of Covid-19
  • Our staff have received extra training to help minimise Covid-19 risk and provide the correct up to date information to guests including health care facilities on different islands


  • Please bring your own gloves, masks & sanitizer. We will supply antibacterial spray for surfaces. A hand sanitizer will be on the companionway of all yachts
  • Maintain social distancing and wear PPE when not possible
  • ALL guests must have completed and returned the pre-arrival before you arrive in Greece
  • For health reasons we cannot supply snorkeling equipment. If you have your own please bring them with you or we will have a selection in our new shop at very reasonable prices and you can take home afterwards


  • Adamas Yachting is following the guidelines set out by the Greek Government and will comply with any direction given by the authorities.  Your yacht will be cleaned, sanitized and prepared with inventory check before arrival.  The initial sanitizing takes place once the previous clients have left the yacht
  • After our engineers, cleaners, skippers, inventory personnel have completed their jobs the yacht will be fogged and sealed.  No one else will go on board before your arrival
  • We appreciate your patience if your yacht is not ready on arrival as these new procedures do take time
  • The welcome pack will be stored in the fridge. We will supply you with water, beer, wine, some savoury snacks, olive oil and salt & pepper in sealed packets.
  • Drinks may be pre-ordered from our provisioning website


  • We will still be providing group transfers, but guests must adhere to social distancing policy with regards to seating arrangements and use of the appropriate PPE. Masks MUST be worn
  • Private taxis, minivans are available for family, friends groups


  • Guests will be greeted by a Sail Ionian staff member on arrival wearing appropriate PPE, who will direct and advise you to the appropriate area. Due to Covid-19 regulations we will be managing and directing guest movements around the Sail Ionian site while the check in process is complete. Only the lead name on the yacht booking and the skipper (if not the lead name) will be allowed in the office – please stay behind the plexiglass screen
  • Please be patient and understanding with our staff during this process as we are striving to make this process as safe and stress free as possible
  • Sail Ionian staff will transport your bags to the back of your boat while the boat is being prepared
  • Unfortunately we will not be able to look after baggage this year so please pack in stow-able bags


  • Return the yacht promptly before 9am on the day of your departure – the cleaning process now takes us several hours extra to complete
  • A member of staff wearing appropriate PPE will come to the yacht to complete the handback
  • Please remove all rubbish and open all lockers
  • Place all yacht linen in the bags provided – towels and sheets separated
  • Put any leftover food in the bins provided on the quay, practice recycling where possible. Nothing consumable (even unopened) should be left on board the boat whatsoever


  • Social distancing – by law 1.5 metres distance should be respected on board, when in public places masks and gloves are also advised
  • A temperature checking device and finger pulse checker will be provided on all boats
  • Daily temperature and pulse checks of all crew is the responsibility of the skipper. The results MUST be logged in the ships health book
  • The skipper and crew must be trained and have a plan of action in case of a suspected case of Covid-19 onboard, an action plan is onboard your vessel
  • Personal hygiene – it is recommended that you wash your hands (for 20 seconds +) frequently with soap or hand sanitizer
  • Proper respiratory hygiene should be followed – this is covering the mouth, using a tissue while sneezing, with the tissue being disposed of in a sealed plastic bag
  • Cleanliness of the yacht – your vessel should be kept to a high standard of cleanliness throughout your holiday, special attention should be taken to disinfect handles, guardrails, surfaces, toilet and galley, on a regular daily basis – rubbish should be disposed of at every opportunity


  • The shower block will be out of use, toilets ashore are available
  • The Saturday night drinks party will still take place, without the gathering on the quay. Our staff will bring you a complimentary drink to your cockpit
  • Other than a Sail Ionian staff member dressed in the appropriate PPE, anyone NOT on the crew list should not board the boat if avoidable. The vessel’s facilities are not be used by anyone other than those on the crew list



  • Will be conducted on the yacht with the skipper only, other crew will not be permitted onboard at this time
  • Our staff members shall be wearing a mask and gloves and complying with 1.5 metre social distancing rules at all time
  • It is highly recommended that the skipper also wears a mask and gloves
  • The skipper is welcome to film the route plan
  • If you have your own chart and pilot book and would prefer a route plan via zoom before you arrive please contact the office to arrange a date and time


  • Will be conducted on the yacht with the skipper only, other crew members will not be permitted onboard at this time
  • Our staff members shall be wearing a mask and gloves and complying with 1.5 metre social distancing rules at all time while onboard
  • The skipper is welcome to film the handover


  • The Adamas Yachting skipper will always be wearing mask and gloves as well as complying with the 1.5 metre social distancing rules during while onboard
  • If the Adamas Yachting skipper is not on the yacht’s official crew list then he/she must fill out the embarkation questionnaire form from annex 1 of the guidelines set out by the government
  • The Adamas Yachting skipper who is not on the official crew list must not use any of the yacht’s facilities whilst onboard



  • The skipper requires a cabin, this is without exception
  • Your skipper has had training in all Covid-19 procedures and has the most up to date information. The skipper is also trained to minimise the risk of cross contamination and waste management, and will brief and manage the crew during the holiday
  • Daily temperature and pulse checks of all crew is the responsibility of the skipper. The results MUST be logged in the ships health book
  • During your charter, your skipper and crew must keep the yacht to a high standard of cleanliness
  • When each person uses the yacht toilet facilities they must disinfect the toilet area after to minimise risk of cross contamination
  • Regular daily cleaning of communal areas with special attention on door handles, handrails, surfaces that are in regular contact with people


  • Sail Ionian instructors have received extra training in sanitizing procedures and waste management, to provide you with the safest training environment possible
  • Social distancing rules will be met when possible while training, and mask and gloves will be worn when this is not possible
  • All students are encouraged to wear masks and gloves when in close proximity to the instructor or in a confined space
  • All instructors will undergo health checks in between charters and courses
  • Daily temperature and pulse checks of all crew is the responsibility of the skipper. The results MUST be logged in the ships health book
  • All instructors have been trained to deal with a crew member with symptoms of Covid-19 with an action plan being put in place
  • All students will be informed on initial safety brief the actions to be taken in the event of a person on board having symptoms of Covid-19
  • All students will be trained on how to use and when to use appropriate PPE while on the course

We sincerely thank you for taking time to read this information.  We, as everyone here in Greece, are striving to make sure that your holiday is as stress free as possible and that you feel safe  and you can enjoy our beautiful islands! The Adamas Yachting team look forward to assisting you soon.


Give us a call or drop us a line and we will be happy to assist you with your yacht charter needs!

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